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Why Managed IT Services Is Best For SMB Cybersecurity?

Chaz Hager June 24 2022

One in every five cyberattack victims is a small and medium-sized business (SMB). If you are a small business owner you should consider hiring a cybersecurity managed services provider to safeguard your IT infrastructure.

Hiring an in-house IT team and purchasing on-premise equipment will cost significantly more than outsourcing your IT operations to a trusted managed service provider (MSP). MSPs provide a complete package of IT solutions including proactive security alerts, 24/7 monitoring, secure data connectivity, disaster recovery, and more at comparatively affordable prices.

Let's understand why managed IT services are best-suited for SMB cybersecurity.

Why cybersecurity managed services for small businesses?

Small and medium-sized businesses often overlook cybersecurity assuming they are a non-lucrative target for cybercriminals. Cybersecurity surveys say otherwise. Verizon's report claims one in every five data breach attacks were directed towards SMBs. 

Large businesses have the financial cushion to bounce back from a cyberattack. However, for an SMB, a cyberattack can result in permanently closing the company. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of SMBs close their business operations within six months of a cyber incident. It's high time that small and midsize businesses take cybersecurity seriously.

Why Managed IT Services Is Best For Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) Cybersecurity?Cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. Small business IT services such as break/fix security patches and built-in security tools can no longer protect your small business against cyberattacks. You need professional business security services to safeguard your organization from cyber incidents. Cybersecurity managed services will provide you with just that at affordable costs. 

For a little background, managed services are business tasks that are handled by a trusted third-party company. Outsourcing your cybersecurity needs to a managed service provider (MSP) will add tremendous value to your business. It saves you from managing an in-house cybersecurity team and provides the latest cybersecurity solutions at cost-effective rates. 

Hiring a reputed cybersecurity managed services firm, like Northriver,  assures you that your IT infrastructure is in expert hands empowering you to securely scale your business.

Importance of managed IT services for SMB cybersecurity: 

Advanced technology to deal with sophisticated attacks

Cybercriminals are leveraging technology to launch attacks without much effort or expenditure. Data sourced from the dark web and even artificial intelligence and automation are used in cybercrimes. To combat such attacks, business cybersecurity services also need to use cutting-edge technologies for SMB cybersecurity.  

Northriver's cybersecurity managed services offer next-generation security tools to protect small and midsize businesses against advanced cyber threats. Our machine learning and AI algorithms proactively prevent cyber attacks from happening.

Secures every part of your business

Even a small loophole in your IT system can invite hackers to invade your business. Be it your network infrastructure, endpoint devices, or cloud infrastructure, you need to secure each and every part of your IT operations. 

We provide complete cybersecurity protection by securing your hardware, software, and network resources that make up your organization's IT framework.

Identity threat protection

If hackers get access to your business credentials or impersonate your employees, they can use the compromised identity to harm your company. Cybersecurity managed services provide device management, identity management, and impersonation prevention to combat identity threats. 

Northriver cybersecurity solutions manage and validate device identities as well as provide features like self-service passwords and built-in multi-factor authentication to stop identity thefts.

Minimal service interruptions in case of a disaster

Creating a backup of your databases helps you to simply backup your data and resume your business workflow when a cyber attack strikes. Nonetheless, how fast you restore the backup entirely depends on the disaster recovery plan. 

Combining your cybersecurity solutions with cloud-based disaster recovery strategy adds more protection to the overall security of your business. Our cloud-managed services equip your business to restore business activities as early as possible in an unplanned event by creating a robust disaster recovery plan. Technically, cloud-based disaster recovery plans involve running your backups as virtual machines in the cloud environment to ensure there is little to no interruption to your business activities. 

Faster and more secure networking

Your organization's network architecture will only facilitate smooth data connectivity across your business if it is resilient to cyber incidents. At Northriver, we help you design a robust network infrastructure using detailed analytics into your network traffic patterns. 

With 24/7 monitoring, security alerts, and preventive maintenance managed network solutions detect suspicious activity in your network before it harms your business. Moreover, remote access is no longer a headache with Northriver. We encrypt network traffic before it is transmitted to the internet allowing your employees to securely stay connected over the network from any location. 

Combine our routing, wireless, remote access, and connectivity solutions and you get a secure network architecture with fast, reliable, and secure data connectivity.

Prevent tomorrow's cyber threats today

Most small businesses direct a significant portion of their budget towards scaling their operations to supercharge their growth. Spending heavily on in-house IT equipment, and training staff in managing IT systems, among other expenses, is not ideal or efficient for SMBs when they can outsource professional IT services at comparatively lower costs.

Northriver provides 360-degree managed IT services for SMBs empowering them to create a secure, fast, and robust IT backbone for their business. Our managed IT services include premium collaboration tools, cloud services, cybersecurity solutions, and networking infrastructure. 

Call us today to know how our managed IT services can enhance your SMB cybersecurity architecture!

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