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Route + Switch

You can think of routers and switches as the building blocks of your network.


Wireless as a service couples networking hardware with Northriver IT’s managed services.

Remote Access

Allow authorized users to log onto a private network and access files and applications from wherever they are.


Network infrastructure is the physical bones of data connectivity.

IT Managed Services

Managed Networking

Your data connectivity can only ever be as fast, reliable, and resilient as the network foundation it runs over. And it needs good bones. The hardware, software, and facilities that make up your networking architecture should be designed and configured to work along the grain of your business operations—not against them.

North River
North River

Solution Overview

On-Demand Bandwidth for In-Demand Apps

Two primary challenges with designing a network infrastructure are removing duplicate data and centralizing network traffic. That’s why we subscribe to a single-pane-of-glass approach to network management offering added greater control over your entire architecture. Now pair that visibility with detailed analytics and you can make highly informed business decisions based on your business’s real-time network traffic patterns. Send traffic to the locations and applications that need it most, uncover coverage gaps, and detect anything suspicious before it becomes malicious.


At Northriver IT, we’ll build you the network highway and hand you the keys. Where you take your business is up to you.

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Routing + Switching

You can think of routers and switches as the building blocks of your network, creating the foundation for all business communication to unfold. While switches connect multiple devices over a network, routers connect multiple networks together. Designed and installed to make data and applications accessible to everyone on your team.

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Wireless as a service couples networking hardware—like access points and LAN controllers—with Northriver IT’s managed services. This gives your wireless platform the added benefits of 24x7x365 monitoring, proactive alerts, and preventative maintenance. Companies can easily transition their wireless expenses from a traditional CapEx to the more flexible and budget-friendly OpEx model.

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Remote Access

Allow authorized users to log onto a private network and access files and applications from wherever they are. Through a virtual private network connection, called a VPN, the network traffic is encrypted before it transmits over the Internet, ensuring your corporate data remains under lock and key.

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For an unparalleled quality of service (QoS), you need to ensure your connections will stretch within and outside the walls of your network. We'll help secure the voice, video, and data services needed for activities like file sharing, backup, VoIP, and conferencing to name a few.

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