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5 Ways MSPs Can Help Your Construction Company Gain a Competitive Edge

Chaz Hager September 17 2021

Modern construction companies must not only offer exceptional services to clients, but they must maintain sound business practices that put them ahead of competitors. To gain a true competitive edge, company leaders should be prepared to invest in new technologies and distribute resources accordingly.

If your construction company doesn’t specialize in IT or software, how can you ensure that you come out on top? Managed service providers (MSPs) can alleviate several internal burdens faced by companies who want to stay at the front of the pack.


In this post, learn what an MSP is and how it can help construction companies gain a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

What is a MSP?

As a practice, managed services relates to server maintenance, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and business communications. A managed services provider (MSP) is one that facilitates these tasks on behalf of another business or company.

A managed services provider is available when companies want to outsource technology-related tasks. Often, these responsibilities include:

  • proactive monitoring of your network
  • Server and network maintenance
  • Connectivity and infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Compliance and regulatory standards

Why Do Construction Companies Need MSPs?

Although construction companies specialize in providing services to clients, many companies lack the internal IT staff members required to maintain high security and software standards. As a result, construction companies may be at risk for data security and IT-related problems. A MSP can alleviate and often prevent technical issues by providing tailored services to the construction industry.

Construction companies also need MSPs to mitigate risks by performing regular assessments. The potential costs of correcting a data breach or cybersecurity threat can be insurmountable. As a result, it’s wise to alleviate these risks by investing in a skilled MSP that can regularly check, maintain, and fix online systems.

Advantages of Using a Managed Service Provider in Construction

Construction companies need managed services to maintain a competitive edge when compared to others in the industry. Here are 5 critical ways that MSPs can deliver results to construction companies.

1. Enhanced Internal Productivity

Internal communication is one of the primary ways that businesses grow and thrive. Managing phone, email, text, and other types of messaging technology and applications can hamper productivity and add unnecessary manual work for employees.

With MSPs, companies can scale their internal communications more effectively. This often involves adding intuitive workflows, better data sources, and more transparency across the entire organization. As a result, construction companies can improve morale, boost employee retention, and stand up against tough competition.

2. Improved Security Practices

Cyber attacks and online threats are more prevalent in today’s construction industry than ever before. Construction companies can build a strong reputation and competitive advantage by protecting sensitive data and adding key infrastructure that keeps threats at bay.

Top companies should also conduct regular audits and risk assessments to see how well equipped they are to stand up to new risks. This practice offers peace of mind to future clients and keeps existing data safe.

Hiring a MSP for Your Construction Company - Northriver

3. Better Automation Technology

Future clients turn to construction companies for many different reasons, but up to 30% of buyers seek construction solutions for improved accuracy and performance. By leveraging the skills and features of an MSP, construction firms can use automation to improve results.

A good managed service provider can also introduce and recommend new products and services that suit the needs of the end-user or client. Having access to this guidance can place construction companies in a stronger bidding position.

4. Cost Savings for Smaller Firms

One of the ways that smaller companies can stay competitive is to reduce unnecessary costs. Data breaches are expensive and time-consuming, and it may be difficult for smaller construction firms to manage associated costs.

To save money and resources, small and mid-size construction companies should invest in MSPs to avoid future financial shortfalls. This saved capital can be put toward essential marketing campaigns.

5. Opportunities for Expansion

Because managed services make several existing processes easier, it provides a pathway for growth and expansion. Construction companies that outsource IT-related tasks can focus on other activities to differentiate themselves from competitors. This might include new services, better customer support, more customizable projects, or advanced building technologies.

What to Look for in a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

There are lots of managed service providers out there, but only the right ones will have a genuine understanding of what it means to operate a successful construction business. When choosing an MSP, always look for the following characteristics.

  • Full-scale technology solutions 
  • Cutting edge security standards
  • Case studies or testimonials
  • Established track record with risk management
  • Strong customer support and availability

MSPs for Construction; a Win-Win.

Whether your construction company is a small business or a global corporation, it’s important to take the necessary steps for growth. In the digital age, this type of growth can’t happen without the proper attention to IT, security, and innovation.

Northriver IT can help your construction company stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace. We invite you to explore our Construction Industry Spotlight page, or contact our team directly to begin working with a managed service provider you can trust.

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