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Free Up K-12 School Resources with Managed Internal Broadband Services

Chaz Hager February 06 2023

K-12 schools are undergoing rapid digital transformation. Many also receive Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) funding via the E-Rate program to upgrade their internal network connections.  

As school districts use more connected devices, their bandwidth requirements increase by at least 50% year over year. Yet, 39% of school systems lag in achieving the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) goal of providing at least 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) bandwidth for every 1,000 students. 

But having the budget to purchase equipment is just the beginning. You must also have the knowledge and expertise to set up the technology, ensure security, deliver a seamless user experience, and perform regular upgrades.  

Critical improvements you may need to perform are upgrading your gateway router, using new network switches, upgrading your firewall components, and improving your infrastructure. But where to begin, and how do you know you’re tackling the highest priority items with the limited IT resources you have at hand? 

Managed internal broadband services (MIBS) can help support the adoption of new technologies without the high initial overhead. A provider experienced in servicing the education sector can help you identify key activities to meet the latest requirements and prioritize your resources to achieve the most impact. 

How Your K-12 School Can Use Managed Internal Broadband Services to Free Up Resources and Meet Evolving Needs

Here’s how partnering with a reputable MIBS provider can help your IT staff do more with less and focus on strategic initiatives: 

Scale to meet changing requirements 

K-12 connectivity needs are rapidly growing as more technologies are introduced into the classroom. A MIBS provider offers ongoing maintenance and updates for all hardware and software to deliver the connectivity that match your current demand. You can expand your capabilities when you need them so you don’t have to purchase excess capacity now. 

Solve staffing shortage challenges 

Many school districts don’t have the budget to compete for IT experts in today’s tight labor market. A MIBS provider can offer the specialized knowledge you need when you need it to fill skill gaps without hiring a large team. It can also cover most day-to-day maintenance activities, so your internal resources can focus on strategic projects. 

Reduce risks and increase budget predictability  

Purchasing and installing network technologies involves substantial capital expenditure. Plus, it’s hard to predict when equipment may require costly repairs or replacement. A managed approach takes the guesswork out of your budget forecast. Your provider covers all the maintenance and replacements for a flat monthly fee, so you don’t get hit with a surprise bill. 


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Support digital transformation 

Digital transformation offers many benefits, such as a better learning experience, increased operational efficiency, and lower long-term costs. But it requires a strategy tailored to your needs to reap the benefits. A MIBS provider can help you kick-start this journey by implementing the right infrastructure to support the proliferation of connected devices. 

Achieve high-quality connections 

The service level agreement (SLA) with your MIBS includes standards for quality to ensure you’re getting high-quality services. These quality metrics cover bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, connectivity, and availability. Additionally, your vendor will provide an uptime guarantee, so you can be sure you’ll get the connectivity you pay for. 

How to choose the right MIBS provider for your school 

Your MIBS provider should help you determine the appropriate amount of coverage for the density of devices and develop a user-friendly and streamlined device onboarding and authentication process so users can easily and securely join your network. 

It should monitor and manage your network activities to prevent downtime and unauthorized access. It should also help you stay current with numerous network and cloud security best practices to safeguard an increasingly complex architecture.  

Your plan should include regular updates and maintenance of all the hardware and software to help you deliver a rich learning experience. Also, choose a provider that offers various E-Rate-eligible solutions, including managed WiFi, security services, SD-WAN, network edge, and router service. 

Northriver has extensive experience supporting education institutions across the country. Our team works alongside your internal IT staff to provide managed WiFi and network services. We help you monitor and maintain your infrastructure to keep it current and secure so you can balance your resources and reduce the strain on your staff. 

Take the first step: Request a free wireless heat map to see where you stand and how you can improve your WiFi network. 


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