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Benefits of Using Managed IT Services for Law Firms

Chaz Hager May 20 2022

Clients are increasingly looking to get their legal work done remotely. To serve clients online, your firm needs a robust IT infrastructure that is secure, remote, and cost-efficient. However, training the legal staff who are good with computers in managing the IT systems is not how a law firm should run its IT operations. Not only is it expensive, but it is also likely to be ineffective.

Therefore, hiring managed IT services for law firms will get you professional IT help at comparatively lower costs, and provide robust security to keep your sensitive documents secure, among other benefits.  

Let’s understand how managed IT services work for legal professionals.

What are managed IT services for legal professionals?

Managed IT services refer to outsourcing your IT infrastructure to a third-party provider who specializes in managing and running IT services.

Managed IT services include monitoring and maintenance of equipment, managing servers, network monitoring, cloud migration, etc. Using managed services helps you achieve your business goals while saving money and ensuring you get the best professional help.

Top 7 benefits of managed IT services

1. You get professional IT services for low cost

Relying on law professionals who happen to be good with technology is not an ideal way to manage your IT systems. They might know how to install antivirus software. But do they know how to move your IT infrastructure to the cloud,  access legal documents remotely, chart a disaster recovery plan, and other nuanced processes?

You will need people with highly specialized IT skills to run your IT operations so that you can focus on what matters the most for your law firm – practicing law. Managed IT services for legal professionals provide you with specialized IT services at a reasonable cost.   

You might think – ''Hiring a managed IT firm will surely double my IT costs.'' Well, that’s not the case at all. Managed IT providers help you reduce your IT expenses in the long run. With managed IT,  you no longer need to spend money on that one-time costly IT fix, purchase in-house hardware or software, or spend on training your staff on IT systems.

2. Outsourcing IT operations give you more time to practice law

Managing your IT operations on your own is a non-billable expense for your law firm. In short, spending time on running your IT systems is killing the time that could be spent on generating revenue for your business. 

By delegating your IT tasks to a managed IT provider, you get more time to focus on getting more clients for your law firm. Managed IT services also equip your business with the latest tools to simplify your legal operations. For instance, you can use automation to onboard clients faster or use artificial intelligence to easily scan through large volumes of legal documents in no time.

3. Managed IT services provide high security

Using IT systems in your law firm also exposes your business to cyber-attacks. The Legal Technology Survey Report of 2020 by the American Bar Association reported that 29% of the respondents suffered from a security breach. 

Managed IT service providers, like Northriver, help you mitigate the cybersecurity risks by using proactive measures and 24/7 monitoring IT systems to stop a cyber intrusion before it strikes your business. Our cybersecurity experts safeguard your IT operations from potential threats no matter whether you run your business on cloud or on-premise. 

4. IT compliance will no longer be a headache

Complying with tons of rules and regulations is a part and parcel of legal work. Nonetheless, IT compliance rules can quickly become a headache considering you don't have expertise in this domain and IT regulations keep on evolving.

Legal managed IT services ensure your law firm follows all the necessary rules and regulations while conducting business. Be it adhering to online payment security standards while accepting online payments or strictly following cloud standards while moving your workspace to the cloud, managed IT services covers them all!

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Law Firms5. You can collaborate from anywhere, anytime

With managed IT services, you can securely move your sensitive documents on the cloud and access them from anywhere. Yes, you heard that right. No matter if you are sitting in the courtroom or at your home, you can remotely access your legal documents from any location without worrying about connecting to a VPN.

Uploading your legal resources to the cloud also enables you to collaborate with your team in real-time. For instance, a legal team can securely view, edit, or collaborate on documents at the same time and everyone will have access to the always updated version of the file. 

6. You get more customers  

As all businesses are moving online, customers also seem to prefer remote options for hiring lawyers. Strengthening your IT infrastructure will get you the online visibility you need to get more clients and get a competitive edge over others.  

A hassle-free process to connect and serve your clients online will ensure your business archives the higher customer satisfaction, retain clients, and in turn get more business through word-of-mouth and client testimonials. 

7. You get round-the-clock support

Say your server goes down on a holiday weekend and you need to access important files. What will you do in such cases? Wait for your IT staff to arrive on a Monday and fix the issues? Managed IT services for legal professionals is the solution! 

Firstly, using managed IT services ensures that your IT operations face little to no downtime. In the case of an unplanned event, the 24/7 support from your managed IT provider will make sure your issue is fixed at the earliest.

Northriver's managed IT services have everything you need!

At Northriver, we understand that every business is unique and thus requires tailored solutions to fit their business operations. We provide legal professionals with custom solutions for remote collaboration, networking, cloud services, and cybersecurity. 

Northriver makes sure your IT operations run smoothly so that you can focus on what really matters for your business – helping more and more clients with their legal work. Book a consultation call with us to know more about our managed IT services! 

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