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The SMBs Guide to Cyber Insurability and Compliance

Chaz Hager September 28 2022

Are you wondering what you should look for when considering cyber insurance? And how to ensure your business is compliant with applicable laws and regulations? 


This guide will help answer those questions and more. Learn everything you need to know about cyber insurability and compliance for SMBs, including: 

  • What is Cyber Insurance 
  • What does it Cover and Does Not Cover
  • Benefits and Drawbacks to Consider 
  • Checklist of Cyber Insurance Qualifications
  • and more inside 

Small to medium businesses are increasingly finding themselves the targets of cyberattacks. While many SMBs feel they are too small to be a target, or that their risk is not great enough to warrant coverage, this is simply not the case.

Cyberattacks can be costly and devastating for any business, regardless of size. As more and more SMBs become aware of the risks associated with cybercrime, many are seeking out insurance policies that will help protect them in the event of a breach.

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