Why Cloud Computing Optimization Is So Important

Chaz Hager March 18 2022

Deploying your business operations to the cloud gives you the flexibility to easily scale your business on-demand while saving costs. Nonetheless, if you are not utilizing your cloud resources optimally, your cloud budget can quickly balloon.

It is also difficult to pinpoint where you are spending your cloud resources and what is driving your cloud expenditure. Cloud computing optimization gives you a detailed audit of your cloud resources. It helps you understand how you can efficiently allocate those resources to achieve maximum performance while trimming down redundant features.

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What is cloud computing optimization?


Cloud computing optimization gives you a clear picture

The first step to improving any process in your organization is visibility. Knowing which cloud features are helping your business and which tools are the least valuable will help you better allocate your cloud budget.

Implementing cloud computing optimization services gives you an in-depth audit of your cloud resources. You get to know which of your cloud features are underutilized, wasteful, mismanaged, or over-provisioned. With these insights, you could easily determine the value that cloud services add to your business relative to your cloud expenditure. 

Cloud optimization saves you money

A survey answered by over 750 businesses suggests that companies waste 32% of the cloud budget. If this is also true for your business, you need to rethink your cloud operations.

The problem often lies in your cloud pricing plans. It becomes difficult to navigate through the number of billing items and raw data and interpret the costs. Cloud computing cost optimization tools help your DevOps team to read through the cost to value and price per unit metrics and decide how to utilize cloud resources efficiently.  

You make the most of your cloud services

Cloud providers offer thousands of features. If you start analyzing the cloud features you are subscribed to you might realize your business doesn't need most of them.

Cloud computing optimization involves filtering out the unnecessary features you are paying for and only using tools that add value to your business activities.

3 tips to make the most of your cloud budget

1. Know your workload

Clearly outline your cloud requirements including containers, VMs, etc., and determine your cloud infrastructure needs accordingly. 

Once you know your cloud requirements, you can opt for autoscaling. It will help you scale your cloud resources based on what your business operations demand. This way you pay only for what you actually use.

2. Use reserved instances

Business needs to change as you scale over time. However, predicting your cloud usage and reserving compute capacity in advance will get you huge discounts on your cloud bill. 

Reserved instances is a pricing concept wherein you book your required compute capacity in the cloud for a period of time. With reserved instances, you pay for the reserved capacity rather than paying for instances you opt for. As a result, you get massive discounts on the standard on-demand pricing.

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3. Measure performance

To determine the efficiency of your cloud operations, you need to test the outcomes. One way of doing this is to compare cloud performance against on-premises architecture If you have directly deployed your business operations on the cloud, you can use cloud computing optimization tools to examine key performance indicators (KPIs) for your cloud deployment. 

Cloud usage reports provided by your cloud partner do not highlight how your business performed while you use the cloud. For instance, cloud usage reports will not tell your cloud expenditure for a specific product. As a result, it becomes essential to measure cloud performance relative to your business operations.

How can we help you?

We at Northriver help you easily deploy your business to the cloud while enabling you to maintain control, compliance, and cost stability. Our cloud solutions give you in-depth insights into your cloud spends and help you use your cloud tools and applications optimally ensuring there is zero wastage of your cloud resources. 

If you wish to use the cloud for your business activities while ensuring you make the most of every dollar of your cloud spend, contact us today!

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