6 Benefits of Partnering for Proper Network Configuration

Chaz Hager September 16 2022

Network management is an often-ignored topic of configuration management. With businesses shifting from on-premise to digital or at least inculcating digital tools and technologies in their everyday operations, proper network configuration has become even more important.

But this can prove to be a hassle for even the most experienced IT teams. There’s where partnering can be a game changer for you. Partnering with a firm that can provide Network as a Service can help support your IT team’s operations in more ways than one. Network configuration professionals will tell you that a great partner will not only manage your networks but also help you keep them secure.

If you already know what network configuration management is, you know how important it is. But what makes having a partner important? As you read on, you’ll see six key benefits that are incredibly hard to overlook.

Expert Scripted or Manual Backups of your Network Configuration

Network configuration management is about securing your networks as well as about preparing your network for when it may undergo a forced shutdown. There are various ways to trigger backups, such as using the command-line instruction, but all these ways pose a serious security risk. On the other hand, if you manually trigger a backup, there is a chance of human error.

This is where your partner can come in. They set up secure networks that have withstood network vulnerabilities, and their team of experts knows how to get it done.

Support During Audits and Reviews of Configurations

Accessing and understanding all configurations is extremely important in two situations – during maintenance and downtime or network attacks. In simple words, the knowledge of reviewing audits and configurations of the system helps track down the problems causing instability or downtime.

However, these files aren’t enough at times, so even if your IT team learns how to expertly audit and review network configurations, they may not be able to build on the initial snapshot onto the main problems. When you’ve outsourced your business’ network to a trusted partner, they take care of everything for you, right from reviewing the messy bits to pinpointing the exact causes of downtimes and delays. 

Reduce Overall Costs

You’ll see massive savings from not having to hire a specialized team for network configuration professionals and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars there. You’ll also save the operational, maintenance, software, and hardware costs because your network configuration partner has the personnel and the perfect setup that works.

Another underrated aspect of cost savings is the lack of trial and error. Hiring a new team or even an inexperienced partner means your network is their trial ground. If they make mistakes, it could lead to monumental costs depending on the severity of the failures. A reliable third party has already seen common failures and knows how to move around them.

Move from Proactive to Reactive Maintenance

You see a downtime, and you react. The result? The downtime could cause huge losses. Furthermore, if the downtime is due to compromised security or existing vulnerabilities in network protocols, losses of that magnitude could be enough to force you to shut down your business for good.

Network configuration management partners cannot only react earlier and better but predict possible issues and react to them before you encounter them. Their professional tools can alert you to these issues, and their experts can read patterns of errors to ensure everything stays up and running smoothly and securely.

Boosted Performance and Employee Productivity

Generally speaking, network configuration is an expert-only field. Hiring a partner frees up your in-house IT team to focus on other tasks. It’s also a smart move to hand over your system’s networks to experts who can do it more efficiently. This boosts the network performance as well as allows your IT employees to focus on other important tasks that could impact your business.businessman-using-a-computer-talking-on-the-mobile-phone

Your Personal Expert is now One Call Away

The benefits of proper network configuration aside, you have experts whose services you can leverage as best as you see fit. All of the aforementioned expertise would be officially yours, so you’d have access to these professionals whenever you had a question about the scalability of maintainability, or anything else that’s bothering your business.

Final Word

Your network configuration partner is not just another business to whom you’re outsourcing some minor aspects. They are the expert operators you can trust your entire config to and then rest assured. Managed network solutions help you tackle scaling problems as well with all benefits we’ve already seen.

For reliable, secure, and resilient support, check out Northriver IT. Our team of network configuration professionals leverages the company’s decades-long experience so that you can rest easy about your network. 


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