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Network access can be permitted or denied based on established policies.

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Measures that organizations should be taking now to batten down their hatches.

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Cybersecurity, otherwise known as data or IT security, is the process of protecting computer systems, devices, and applications from unauthorized access that can open the door to harmful threats like malware, ransomware, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Every organization carries some level of risk and vulnerability no matter how many times employees are encouraged to practice cyber hygiene, or how often that security policy is revised. As organizations become increasingly data-dependent, their level of risk must be counter-measured with proactive prevention strategies. That’s where Northriver IT can help.

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Planning for a Safer Tomorrow

Our next-generation network, data, and mobile security products are backed by the strength of machine learning and AI to proactively predict, identify, and stop threats in their tracks, in, at, and around your network perimeter, including the cloud. Protecting your company’s most sensitive assets hinges on your ability to continuously monitor for threats and respond immediately if an issue is detected.

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Network, Endpoint, and Cloud Security

Employees spend more and more time online or connected to the corporate network to access the information they need to stay productive, yet this kind of unfettered activity can expose organizations to a wide range of risks. Through firewalls, URL and web filtering, and intrusion prevention and detection techniques, network access can be permitted or denied based on established policies designed to block both known and unknown threats.

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Identity Threat Protection

While cyberattacks continue to grow in their sophistication, there are some tried and tested measures that organizations should be taking now to batten down their hatches. These include device management, identity management, and impersonation prevention and training. IT business leaders are commonly up against two opposing forces. Empower employees with anytime, anywhere network access while keeping bad actors, cyberthreat, and network risks at bay. Both of these objectives can, in part, be achieved through policy-driven technologies that manage and validate device identities while ensuring the highest security standards and compliance regulations are continually met. Enabling features like self-service password and reset and mandating built-in safety protocols like multi-factor authentication.

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