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CyberSecurity Agency

Northriver IT is a cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency. We see primary security vulnerability in every organization as people. Therefore, our next generation security products rely on machine learning and AI to proactively predict, identify, and stop threats in their tracks.

We see that many organizations are collecting, processing, and storing large amounts of sensitive information on computers, phones, and tablets such as financial data, personal information, or other data which could have negative consequences if it were improperly accessed.

At Northriver IT, we strive to keep this information secure. We know that cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and commonplace which is why we feel it is the responsibility of businesses to safeguard their sensitive business and personal information.

We exist to enable all organizations (and their employees) to securely use their networks without the constant threat of cyber-attack.

Let us protect your data today for a safer tomorrow.

You can trust us to help you coordinate your entire information system for effective data security.

Some solutions we provide and elements we encompass include:

  • Network Security
  • Data Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Disaster Recovery

The demanding nature of security and communications requires a trusted partner.

Northriver IT consistently provides best-of-breed solutions. Since our inception in 2004, we have nurtured a unique, high-touch approach that saves clients time and resources. Northriver IT can help you find the best ways to protect your critical business information and help your organization understand the changing dynamics of OpEx and CapEx investments.


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The most sophisticated data security companies use a data-focused approach to protect sensitive information, focusing on continuous monitoring to ensure complete data protection. At Northriver IT, we take this approach to heart with around the clock monitoring.

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